We keep our students engaged with age-appropriate activities, such as meaningful class discussions, and incorporation of various third-party applications such as: Zoom, Padlet, and Kahoot!

Written parental consent was secured for the teens and children in this video.

Miss Carol Coach A Student Online
Miss Candace Preparing for Class


We keep our class size small to ensure that our trainers are able to provide each students meaningful interactions and coaching. 

Students are also assigned to a Student Relations Staff that supports them inside and outside of the online classroom in reaching their learning objectives.


We tailor our courses based on our student’s age and learning objectives.

Personality Development Programs 

Designed for students who want a total transformation of their image. The programs cover all of Appearance, Behavior and Communication. They come in two levels: Primary and Advanced.

Enhancement Programs

Designed for students who want to focus on one aspect of image: either Appearance, Behavior or Communication. They come in two levels: Primary and Advanced.

For more information, please refer to our Program Overview.

Personality Development Programs
Enhancement Programs
Individual Modules


We offer our students the unique opportunity to learn at home from anywhere in the world. Since our programs are based on the international standard on image and etiquette, our international students are confident that our courses are applicable to their local context.

Lifetime Access

We offer lifetime access to our student’s online workbooks to encourage continuous self-development even after our online classes. Students are welcome to review the materials and retake the quizzes as refreshers. 

Life-time access pertains to the Online Student Workbooks ONLY, not attendance to Online Classes through Zoom Meetings.


We offer students the opportunity to receive a Certificate of Completion after meeting the following criteria:

  • 100% class attendance
  • Pay the fee (currently waived)
  • 80% and higher grade on the post-exam


I love the real-life connections made through the screens. Miss Carol made sure I was achieving my learning goals.

Christina Erkamp

FIG Image Gateway has molded me into the best version of myself. Whether it’s through honing the skills I’ve already learned or acquiring new ones to better allow me to live my best life.”

Corrine Pacis

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