Founding of



From a young age, Miss Ruby Pacis had the dream to serve the Filipino people. She envisioned a legitimate subcontracting company that would empower her compatriots through world-class technical skill training and rewarding job opportunities. In 2003, she founded Faith in God Recruitment, Placement and Manpower Services as a single proprietorship. In 2006, the company became incorporated under the name Faith in God Recruitment, Placement and Manpower Services Corporation. In 2017, the company had undergone diversification, introducing four sub-businesses including FIG Image Gateway.

For more information, please visit FIG RPM-PTSC’s website.

Planning and Development


After seeing the negative stereotypes against Filipinos worldwide, Miss Ruby Pacis committed herself to developing a training center that would empower the Filipino people with world class personality development programs. In 2015, she began planning and developing FIG Image Gateway in partnership with Miss Carolina D. Tan, AICI CIP, a certified image consultant.

IITTI Certification



One of FIG Image Gateway’s values is Integrity. We take our commitments and promises seriously. It is only fitting that we sought a world-class accreditation to showcase our expertise from IITTI, an international organisation that provides tests on the worldwide standard on business image and etiquette. In 2016, FIG Image Gateway became the first training center in the Philippines to receive IITTI Certification.

For more information, please visit IITTI’s website. 

SEC Registration



Our value of Integrity includes meeting all the legal provisions in the Philippines. In 2017, we amended FIG RPM-PTSC’s SEC Registration, and finally, FIG Image Gateway & Technical Skills is officially a registered sub-business.

Rigorous Program Developments

2017 – 2020


Another one of FIG Image Gatway’s values is Drive — we aim for the best and we do not settle for merely what is “good enough.” As such, we perfected our craft by developing our curricula and conducting extensive training for our trainers for 3 years before our 2020 launching.

Online Programs Launch



After years of development, FIG Image Gateway has finally launched its world class programs to the public in 2020 with the vision:

“FIG Image Gateway will be the premier training center in Asia fostering the Personal Excellence and Professional Advancement of 30,000 individuals by the end of May 2025.”