“I dream. I work. I accomplish.”

Ruby C. Pacis, a Stage 3 Cancer and Stroke Survivor, turned passionate, GOD-fearing, service-oriented and patriotic businesswoman, has the inspiring story of starting as an ordinary lady from a small town in Batangas to becoming one of the Most Influential Filipina Women in the World 2019 as recognized globally by Filipina Women’s Network.

Ruby has a big heart for Organizational Development which she has been practicing since 1993 up to present time as a graduate of Applied Master of Business Administration. 

She is currently the Chief Executive Officer of her companies namely, Faith in GOD RPM Professional and Technical Services Corporation doing business in the name and style of its sub-business units

    1. FIG Image Gateway Technical Skills Development Center
    2. FIG Mind and Body Wellness Center and Product Distribution Services
    3. Faith in GOD Property Management & Development Services
    4. Faith in GOD Business Process Support and Contract Manufacturing Support and Services

providing specialized services to various industries in the Philippines since 2003 up to present time. 

Driven by her passion to live her GOD given purpose through helping an individual achieve Personal Excellence and Professional Advancement, Ruby developed the deepest desire to help every Filipino discover and embrace the hero/heroine within them so that they can shine anywhere in the world. At the same time, she is a fierce survivor of domestic violence, making her a strong advocate of Women Empowerment.

As a result, Ruby found her calling as a Certified Life Coach, specializing in Emotional Intelligence and Personal/Professional Branding. Indeed, despite her hectic schedule as a CEO of her companies, Ruby finds time to offer her service as a Life Coach because of her passion in helping people.

After completing the Highest Self-Awareness Certification and Emotional Intelligence Executive Education at University of Alberta, she began conducting Self-Awareness Program to Corporate and individuals.

She also has acquired a First Level Certification from IITTI in Professional Image, Business Protocol, and Dining Etiquette, a worldwide standard test recognizing her interpersonal competency in business etiquette including dressing, behavior and dining practices. In fact, she passed the examination with flying colors. She is also a member of the Association of Image Consultants International.

In 2017, she completed Training in Certified Life Coaching and Executive Coaching from the Certified Coaches Federation (CCF) in Ontario, Canada, the leader in Certified Life Coach and Executive Coach Training. In the same year, she officially received her certification as a Life Coach through CCF. 

She also acquired a certification in Cognitive Empowerment Program, the latest and most effective tools and techniques in Cognitive Empowerment to help an individual experience the wonders of Personal Transformation and Self-Realization. 

Indeed, Ruby has a hunger for education and training that will continue to drive her to updating, learning and acquiring more expertise in the field of Psychology and People Management.

As a Life Coach, she has helped many individuals (kids, teens, adults) to be more self-aware through discovering their hidden potentials and identify their limiting beliefs that sabotage their personal and professional growth by the creation of an arena to build new and expanding, constructive beliefs. 

Truly, Ruby sees Wellness and Fashion as her ways of wearing herself to inspire and motivate the people around her to do “self-care”. Aside from being a Life Coach, Ruby is also a Fashion Enthusiast. She believes that her inner confidence must be connected and manifested in her outer look. This led her to be awarded as one of the Most Fabulous Woman 2018, Forever Fabulous Woman 2019 and Best Dressed Woman in the Philippines 2019.

More importantly, her busy schedule in managing her businesses does not hinder her from excellently performing her tasks as a supportive mother to her two sons and serving the Lord through helping her compatriot in her own little but impactful ways.


First Level International Certification in Professional Image, Business Protocol, and Dining Etiquette, IITTI

This certificate recognizes one’s interpersonal competency in business etiquette including dressing, behavior and dining practices. 

In fact, Miss Ruby garnered the highest score in the 2017 examination. In addition to this certificate, She currently holds a World Civility Index of 70. To see this qualification, please click this link.

Institute of Image Training & Testing International (IITTI) provides tests on the worldwide standard of business image and etiquette. To learn more, please refer to their website. 

Certified Life Coach

Certified Coach Practitioner, Certified Coaches Federation

This certificate indicates one’s qualifications as a Life Coach.

In order to qualify, Ruby completed her Training in Certified Life Coaching and Executive Coaching in Sudbury last 2017. 

Certified Coaches Federation in Ontario, Canada is the leader in Certified Life Coach and Executive Coach Training. To learn more, please refer to their website.

accreditation from IITTI, an international organisation that provides testing for business image and etiquette. 

Cognitive Empowerment Programme, The Wellness Foundation

This certificate recognizes the completion of the course Cognitive Empowerment Program — the latest most effective tools and techniques in Personal Transformation and Self-Realization allowing individuals to take better control of their lives, turn down their stress and anxiety, master their fears, marshall their hidden potential, build a more successful career, and enjoy happier and more fulfilling relationships.

Miss Ruby is one of the only few who finished the program with Distinction. 

The Wellness Foundation is a Belgian organization dedicated to personal transformation. It was founded by Dr. Greg Perry PhD, a best selling author and renowned speaker. To learn more, please refer to their website.