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Employee's Handbook

This Employee Handbook applies to all FIG Image Gateway faculty and staff members with the exception of our FIG Precision Flight Controls Philippine Inc. employees. Master Trainers are not considered employees of F.I.G. Image Gateway. However, they are still required to abide and follow the Employee’s Handbook except if exemptions are stipulated in the Training Service Agreement between the Master Trainer and F.I.G. Image Gateway.

CODE of Ethics and Practice Preamble

Our excellence as an institution is manifested by the way we live and practice our CORE VALUES. This Code of Ethics and Practice are drawn from these Core Values.

The F.I.G. Image Gateway Code of Ethics and Practice aims to define acceptable professional behavior expected of F.I.G. Image Gateway faculty and staff members. It aims to promote and maintain high standards of conduct, thereby providing a criterion for management, staff and trainers in evaluating job performance.

Since we are a learning institution in the Philippines for Image Development, students are placed in the “spotlight”, thereby emphasizing the raison d’etre (reason for existence) of F.I.G. Image Gateway in facilitating the development of an individual in reaching his/ her maximum potential.

Therefore, everyone is enjoined to uphold this Code of Ethics and Practice at all times.

Code of ETHICS

F.I.G. Image Gateway Faculty members, in the conduct of doing their job as Trainer/ Facilitator, and F.I.G. Image Gateway staff members, measure success not only by the progress of each student toward individual realization of his/ her personal potential, but also in fostering and inculcating social responsibility and good citizenship among all their students.

  1. It is the responsibility of the faculty and staff members to encourage and facilitate the development of their students based on F.I.G. Image Gateway’s Core Values and programs.
  2. F.I.G. Image Gateway faculty and staff members adhere to the value of respect for other persons, and are, therefore, responsible for maintaining confidentiality regarding their students.
  3. F.I.G. Image Gateway faculty and staff members are responsible for nurturing their relationships with the students, particularly important that all aspects of behavior, language and attitude, in whatever way these are conveyed, do not give rise to misunderstandings that are sexual in nature, and/or those that may compromise the integrity and reputation of F.I.G. Image Gateway.
  4. F.I.G. Image Gateway faculty and staff members are responsible for monitoring and evaluating the progress of their students.
  5. F.I.G. Image Gateway faculty members are responsible for delivering all learning objectives and contents to every student based on approved session goals.
  6. F.I.G. Image Gateway faculty and staff members serve as impeccable examples of etiquette and professional image, and always maintain their honor and dignity.
  7. F.I.G. Image Gateway faculty and staff members assume responsibility and accountability for their performance and continually strive to demonstrate competence.
  8. F.I.G. Image Gateway faculty and staff members are responsible for maintaining their own professional growth.
  9. F.I.G. Image Gateway members and employees comply with F.I.G. Image Gateway’s written policies, procedures, rules and regulations.
  10. F.I.G. Image Gateway faculty and staff members are responsible for observing and upholding the intellectual property rights to curricular programs, modules and teaching aids developed and used by F.I.G. Image Gateway.
  11. F.I.G. Image Gateway faculty and staff members manifest respect for F.I.G. Image Gateway’s business by adhering to ethical business practices particularly in dealing with future clients and competition.
  12. F.I.G. Image Gateway faculty and staff members abide by the principles of a “community of practice” wherein sharing of knowledge and experiences are encouraged to develop and maintain F.I.G. Image Gateway’s wealth of learning resources.
  13. It is our belief that an open and honest relationship among Trainers/ Facilitators and Management is the most productive and efficient manner in which to handle professional relations. Therefore, F.I.G. Image Gateway encourages its Trainers/Facilitators to employ an “open door” policy where they will be free to discuss any internal concerns with management.
  14. Professional Conduct: The success of F.I.G. Image Gateway greatly depends on the public’s perception of us. Since you are Trainers/Facilitators you represent us, so your behavior reflects on not only you but the school as well. One of your responsibilities as a faculty of F.I.G. Image Gateway is to use good judgment and act in a responsible manner. Please be warned that there are some instances in which your behavior will not be tolerated, such as when you are violent and/ or destructive. That said, such actions may lead to your termination. These instances include, without limitation, the following:
    • Any breach of contract;
    • Theft or purposeful destruction of F.I.G. Image Gateway’s property or the property of other employees;
    • Misappropriation of F.I.G. Image Gateway’s property or resources for personal use;
    • Assault or the verbal or physical abuse of another person in F.I.G. Image Gateway premises, or in any work-related setting outside F.I.G. Image Gateway, including any business-related social functions; or any other legitimate business reason.
  15. Solicitation and Distribution: F.I.G. Image Gateway policy states that no solicitation, collection, sale of merchandise, acceptance of contributions or distribution of written materials is permitted during F.I.G. Image Gateway’ office hours. Non-employees are also prohibited from soliciting on center’s premises. In addition, it is against F.I.G. Image Gateway’s policy to distribute pamphlets, handbills, folders and other literature on center’s grounds, and the purchase or sale of merchandise is not permissible on center’s property by Trainers/ Facilitators & employees in working areas or by non-employees at any time. Please be advised that you are not to use the interoffice mail system for the distribution of non-business materials. Please bring any acts contrary to this policy to the attention of the Training Center Manager/CEO.
  16. F.I.G. Image Gateway faculty and staff members are responsible for observing the principles and core values embodied in this Code of Ethics and Practice

Code of Practice

  1. For Class Management, F.I.G. Image Gateway faculty members are required to:
    • Be prepared for their sessions at all times, ensuring that power point module and teaching aids are all ready for class use.
    • Always be punctual and on time (following the official time at F.I.G. Image Gateway) for all their classes. Absences without the prior 48-Hour notification are unacceptable and shall be reflected in the trainer’s performance records. Sanctions will be imposed according to F.I.G. Image Gateway Rules and Regulations. Tardiness is an unacceptable behavior and shall be considered as a breach of the Trainer’s obligations under his/ her contact with F.I.G. Image Gateway and will also be reflected in the trainer’s performance records.
    • Be present 20 minutes before the beginning of their class and to notify the Training Center Manager once they are present. 
    • Conduct and fill out the Evaluation of Students and submit these to the Training Center Manager at the end of each class.
    • Remind the students to accomplish the Trainer/Facilitator’s Evaluation Sheet (can be found at the last page of every subject workbook manual) and to submit this to the Training Center Manager at the end of each class.
    • Maintain order in the classroom at all times.
    • Submit a formal, written Report for One-on-One Sessions three (3) days after the session.
  2. For the dissemination of information, all F.I.G. Image Gateway faculty members are required to attend Trainer Assemblies and be responsible for anything missed during these time/s. F.I.G. Image Gateway management and staff are likewise required to attend Staff Meetings on a regular basis.  
  3. In order to maintain an updated F.I.G. Image Gateway Trainer’s database, F.I.G. Image Gateway faculty and staff members shall provide F.I.G. Image Gateway management with an updated Curriculum Vitae and ID Photo. Notify the center immediately in cases involving any change in telephone/ contact numbers or home address. This is very important for communication, record purposes, cancellation of classes and changes in schedules.
  4. All communication between and among F.I.G. Image Gateway faculty, management, staff and F.I.G. Image Gateway students must be coursed through the center. F.I.G. Image Gateway faculty members must not take on projects or jobs that F.I.G. Image Gateway students may offer them outside the F.I.G. Image Gateway context. Proper consultation with the Training Center Manager and/ or CEO must be observed as certain cases may conflict with the interests of F.I.G. Image Gateway.
  5. Relationship between and among F.I.G. Image Gateway faculty, management and staff, and F.I.G. Image Gateway students must be maintained on a friendly but strictly professional terms at all times.
  6. F.I.G. Image Gateway reserves the intellectual property rights to all its materials such as Workbook Manuals, Power Point Modules, Teaching Aids, Presentation Materials, Lesson Guides, Classroom Activities and Exercises based on Session Goals, Marketing and Sales paraphernalia in both print and non-print media. Infringement of these rights shall be dealt with appropriate legal action and dishonorable disengagement from F.I.G. Image Gateway. As such, F.I.G. Image Gateway faculty, management and staff are not allowed to copy, reproduce, republish, post, broadcast, transmit, make available to the public Any other use of the F.I.G. Image Gateway program content requires prior written permission from the CEO of F.I.G. Image Gateway.
  7. When Applicable: Handouts or Supplementary Materials that F.I.G. Image Gateway Trainer/Facilitator wishes to use in their classes/ corporate workshop sessions etc. must be approved first by the Training Center Manager. F.I.G. Image Gateway maintains a strict compliance to uniformity of content and curriculum in all our subjects.
  8. The official F.I.G. Image Gateway Power Point template must be used at all times in all presentations.
  9. F.I.G. Image Gateway trainers are prohibited to teach the same subject matter/ topics in companies, organizations or institutions that are direct competitors of F.I.G. Image Gateway.
  10. New members of F.I.G. Image Gateway are required to attend immersion programs immediately upon the signing of the Service Agreements.
  11. F.I.G. Image Gateway faculty members shall be assessed regularly by their students in terms of their attendance, punctuality, curriculum compliance, teaching performance, classroom management and visual impact; and by the Center Director for their classroom management, mastery of subject matter and pedagogy.

Company Rules and Regulations


  1. F.I.G. Image Gateway faculty member’ Schedule of Classes are released by two ways:
    • A week before the month starts; or
    • As needed, when a student or new batch of enrollees will require the school to open classes.
  2. Once F.I.G. Image Gateway faculty member’ confirms his/ her availability to take classes with the center as listed in the advisory, this is considered final, and the center expects that the F.I.G. Image Gateway will honor the commitment made.
  3. For Trainers paid per session, no-class-no-pay rule applies. 
  4. Trainers are expected to be present 20 minutes before the beginning of their class. They must notify the Training Center Manager once they are present. Beyond that time he/ she will be considered ABSENT. Policy on absence applies thereon.
  5. If a trainer is not present 20 minutes for the beginning of their class, the Training Center Manager will assign a new trainer for the online class. No payment will be rendered to the previous trainer.
  6. If there is a need to cancel any session due to an emergency, the procedure is to advise the F.I.G. Image Gateway Training Center Manager at least 48 Hours prior to the scheduled session.
  7. The following are suitable reason for taking family/ medical absences:
    • If you give birth or need to care for that child.
    • If you need to care for a spouse, child or parent.
    • If you personally fall ill or have severe health problem that will disable you from performing tasks essential to your position.
    • In the event that there is death in your immediate family or household, which includes the death of a spouse, parent, sibling, child, grandparent or grandchild.
  8. The sending of Text Messages for cancellation of sessions is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Please course your message via F.I.G. Image Gateway landline numbersor mobile phonefrom 09:00 – 17:00 hours only. Last-minute cancellation of sessions causes inconvenience to the school and the students.
  9. Sessions are held in a Two (2) Hour timeframe, no more, no less. If the agenda for the day has been completely covered in less than the amount of time allotted, F.I.G. Image Gateway Faculty members are expected to give additional activities (from the Workbook Manual designated as Homework/s) to maximize time. Under no circumstance should classes be dismissed earlier than the prescribed time.
  10. All class schedules are approved by the Training Center Manager only.
  11. The schedules will be given in writing and via email sent by the Training Center Manager. All scheduled classes in the advisory are considered final unless the Trainer /Facilitator is otherwise notified.
  12. If the F.I.G. Image Gateway faculty member will be absent for a session, a 48 Hour advance notification is REQUIRED. Contact Training Center Manager for this communication. If notification is given in LESS THAN 48 HOURS, the F.I.G. Image Gateway trainer is required to either:
    • Handle another session in the immediate future without compensation to make up for absence during a previous session; OR
    • Take a deduction from the Professional Fees to be received during the month equivalent to the PF for One (1) Session.
  13. If a Master Trainer will be absent, they can assign trainers who are recognized, trained and approved by F.I.G. Image Gateway as coverage. 
  14. All tardiness and absences shall be recorded in the F.I.G. Image Gateway faculty member’s performance records.
  15. Suspension of Group/ One on One Sessions due to Typhoon Signal No. 2: Typhoon Signal No. 2 automatically cancels group classes for that day. There is no need to call F.I.G. Image Gateway for verification. Whenever necessary, announcements regarding suspension of classes will be disseminated through telephone calls made by F.I.G. Image Gateway Student Coordinators/ or other School Officials.

One on One Session/s will only be cancelled upon the request of the student.




  1. F.I.G. Image Gateway requires that F.I.G. Image Gateway faculty members be present 20 minutes before the beginning of their class to check if the teaching aid materials and equipment are in place.
  2. It would be good practice for the F.I.G. Image Gateway faculty members to also check the profile of their students before starting their class to suit the session activities for the students’ needs and demographics. Please remember that discipline is an important aspect of Etiquette and Image that we teach therefore Teachers/ Instructors/ Facilitators should exemplify punctuality at all times in all their class sessions.
  3. F.I.G. Image Gateway faculty members should start and end each class session on time and need not wait for late students to arrive before starting a class. Students who arrive on time are entitled to a full Two (2) Hours worth of class. No class could be dismissed more than Five (5) Minutes after the end of class schedule to avoid holding up the next class to be held in the same venue and the students scheduled to attend the next class.
  4. F.I.G. Image Gateway faculty members should allow students to accomplish the Learning Viewpoints Page &/ or Teacher/ Instructor/ Facilitator’s Evaluation Form, whichever applies to the current class session. This is allotted in the last Ten (10) Minutes of the class session.
  5. F.I.G. Image Gateway faculty members should synchronize their watches with the F.I.G. Image Gateway clock (Front Reception & Classroom/s). The F.I.G. Image Gateway follows the atomic time.



  1. Each F.I.G. Image Gateway faculty member must enroll in F.I.G. Image Gateway’s system of having a finger scanned by a Biometric Scanner located at the Front Reception. The F.I.G. Image Gateway faculty member must conduct a finger scan before and after each class handled. Please do not fail to comply with this procedure as this would expedite and anticipate errors on Teacher/ Instructor/ Facilitator’s payroll.
  2. New F.I.G. Image Gateway faculty members must open an account with the following designated bank and branch: . This account shall serve as the F.I.G. Image Gateway faculty member’s payroll account. A cash card/ atm will be issued by the bank upon opening of the account.



All students, F.I.G. Image Gateway faculty members and staff are required to follow a BUSINESS SMART CASUAL dress code in the school from Monday to Saturdays, as follows:

  1. Long-sleeved executive/ business shirts, slacks, and leather shoes are prescribed for men. Jeans/ Denims, Shorts & Cargo Pants are not allowed.
  2. No revealing or low cut blouse tops or dresses, tight mini skirts, jeans/ denims for women.
  3. No spaghetti strapped tops, tube tops, halter tops, backless tops allowed without a cover-up (e.g. blazer/ coat; shawl; wrap).
  4. For dresses or skirts that are 4-5 inches higher above the knee, hosiery or tights must be worn underneath.
  5. No slippers, rubber shoes, or sneakers except for Teachers/ instructors/ Facilitators of Figure Control class sessions.
  6. Proper Grooming is expected from all F.I.G. Image Gateway faculty members. The ladies are required to put on make-up while the gentlemen should be clean-shaven and short-haired, neat and well-groomed.



  1. Coverage of Topics should follow the F.I.G. Image Gateway Curriculum and Session Goals. Student Evaluation of F.I.G. Image Gateway faculty member will reflect this.
  2. Classroom decorum is expected at all times, e.g. punctuality, order, discipline, team work etc.



  1. F.I.G. Image Gateway Faculty Members’ Evaluation of Students
    • F.I.G. Image Gateway faculty members are required to fill out an evaluation form for each student who attends his/ her class to help the school track the progress of its student body. Accomplished evaluation forms must be submitted to the Student Coordinator immediately for encoding and inclusion in the Student Profile.
  2. Student Evaluation of F.I.G. Image Gateway Faculty Members
    • Student Evaluation of the F.I.G. Image Gateway faculty members are summarized and given to the faculty members on a monthly basis. These evaluations will form part of the Faculty Member’s profile record that will be used as basis for or impact on his/ her Faculty Standards Rating.
  3. Progress Reports
    • All Progress Reports (Imagination Management & Special One-on-One Sessions) should be handled with strict confidentiality and utmost care. Reports should not be given to students of minor age but to their guardians or parents instead. However, students who are at least 21 years old may want to be the recipient of these reports, and they have to request for these. VIP Students (e.g. Celebrity, Politician, Prominent Businessman/ woman) whose lives are well-guarded should be given the courtesy of asking to whom their reports may be furnished. Reports should be submitted to the Curriculum Director One (1) Week after the session.



Situations and incidents where a student becomes disrespectful or displays ill manners in the classroom or elsewhere within the premises of F.I.G. Image Gateway should be reported immediately to any of the following: Student Coordinator; Curriculum Director or School Director.



  1. Eating and drinking are confined to the F.I.G. Image Gateway pantry only.
  2. Sending text messages, answering phone calls or use of cellular phones while in class should be avoided.



Employee Training Philosophy and Policy

  1. We are highly committed to offer Post-Program Life Transformation or Personal Improvement to our students or clients through Personalized Coaching.
  2. We are committed to having a team prepared and equipped with advanced technology, updated information and knowledge to meet current and future business objectives by providing our trainers and employees, at all levels, with appropriate education and training opportunities.
  3. We are committed to defining clearly the minimum training requirements of all our trainers and employees at all levels relative to their roles, responsibilities and accountabilities.  Strict compliance shall be monitored consitently to ensure highest quality service and 100% customer satisfaction.
  4. All new trainers and employees will undergo “Job and Organization Immersion Program” wherein they will be thoroughly oriented in the vision, mission,core values culture, philosophy, ethics, principles and business priorities of the company, including total quality management and induction into their own organisation, within two months of their employment.
  5. All new trainers and employees need to pass the Job-Fit and Org-Fit Assessment after completing the “Job and Organization Immersion Program” before obtaining their regular employment status.
  6. Our employees will only take up new job assignments when they have completed the minimum level of training specified for that job.
  7. All newly hired or first−time people managers must successfully complete and pass the “Management Training Program” within four months of appointment.
  8. Our managers will successfully complete functional knowledge and skills training to properly coach, assess, monitor and reinforce the work of their employees.



  1. The FIGRPMPTSC VP- Operations Department is responsible for proper implementation of FIG Group Education and Training Philiosophy and Policy in all Sub-Businesses in accordance to FIGRPMPTSC’s standards.
  2. The FIGRPMPTSC VP- Finance and Total Quality Management Department is responsible for Semi-Annual Total Quality Management Audit to ensure 100% implementation of FIG Group Education and Training Philiosophy and Policy and at least 96% compliance to it.
  3. Post-Program Personalized Coaching for One Month will be provided to students or clients who have completed at least One (1) Program (10 modules).
  4. All new trainers and employees who will not meet the Job-Fit and Org- Fit Assessment after completing the two months “Job and Organization Immersion Program” will be separated from the company subject to due process as required by law.
  5. All Candidates for Hiring will not be hired unless they had succesfully completed the two-hours Online FIG Company Orientation Program and passed the Online Post-Orientation Examination.
  6. No employees will be assigned to another position or new tasks unless they have completed the Sixteen (16) hours Specified “WOW” (Ways of Work) Online Training.
  7. The Newly Hired Employees aiming for Managerial position will be offered a lower position or will be separated from the company if they will not pass the Management Training Program.
  8. Employees nominated for promotion will only be promoted upon passing the Specified Actual Training Program for two months. Deliberation shall also be made by designated PROMCOM or “Promotion Committee”.
  9. All employees who are on probationary status will only be appointed as regular-permanent employees upon passing the deliberation conducted by PROBCOM (Probationary Employment Committee)
  10. General Company Re-Orientation shall be conducted to all FIG employees every January and December of the year.
  11. FIG Annual Training Calendar and Post Training Evaluation after each training must be strictly implemented and used as reference for Employees Continuous Performance Improvement.
  12. Continuous research, further studies, local and international certifications and accrediations shall be made by our company to ensure we have the most updated and world-class training modules to offer to our students, clients and employees every year.