Soft Skill Training: The Best Investment For Our Kids

Soft Skill Training The Best Investment for Our Kids

Imagine a town with only two doctors, both well-known for their expertise in the medical field. The first doctor was unkempt and she only treats her patients by merely reading the lab results and handing out a prescription. The second doctor, on the other hand, is presentable. She takes her time to answer the parents’ questions and explains the medical analysis in detail. More importantly, she attentively listens to kids’ health complaints and worries. Now, which doctor would you trust to treat your child?

For most mothers, like myself, I would choose the second doctor.

Good Doctor

I have two wonderful boys. Wherever they get sick, I experience all kinds of anxieties. We all do. Having a doctor who only has Hard Skills (knowledge and industry skills) is not the same as having a doctor who has both Hard Skills and Soft Skills. It was my sons’ doctors who treated my kids with kindness and concern that were the ones who gave me my peace of mind.

It is not surprising, then, that according to research from Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation, and Stanford Research Center, career success consists of 15% Hard Skills and 85% Soft Skills.

However, only a few recognize the importance of Soft Skills nowadays, while a disproportionate focus is set on developing our children’s Hard Skills. The question is why do we overlook the value of our kid’s personality and image? 

Going back to the two doctors, we know that Soft Skills are also important alongside Hard Skills. It’s time to invest in our children’s happiness at the present and their performance for the future. Now, what’s the best way to develop soft skills? The answer is simple: Soft Skills Training.

As a Life Coach, I have handled several clients who sought my help due to the difficulty of raising their kids. They share a common sentiment: 

“My children do not listen to me anymore. I’m worried, because I can’t help them in their development. How about their future?” 

Sad Child

Hearing these lines coming from a parent, I can feel their pain and disappointment. No parent would ever want to see their kids grow up failing to live up to their full potential despite the parent’s efforts to enroll them in reputable schools. 

Interestingly, many parents are familiar with the problems that come with the lack of Soft Skills development. Yet, sadly,most are unfamiliar with Soft Skills Training. While, among those who are familiar with Personality Development Training, only a few realizes it’s true value.

I help my clients learn the necessary changes to improve their parent-child relationship and to empower their kids and themselves. We start with focusing on self-awareness, and then, we solidify their development through Soft Skills workshops, particularly in Appearance, Behavior and Communication enhancement. 

For instance, I have a client who realized that the way she was communicating with her child is ineffective through our sessions together. After working with her on their Communication, she and her daughter were able to express their thoughts and feelings in positive meaningful ways, leading to a happier family dynamic and self-empowerment. 

Kids Celebrating

Truly, Soft Skills Training is effective and beneficial. However, these vital developments could not happen by merely browsing the web and reading self-help books.

Credible Soft skills training must come from experts with certifications, accreditations, extensive studies, rigid training and years of solid experiences. Indeed, googling information and learning from experts are two different things. You need the latter to fully appreciate, and to adequately learn about Soft Skills. 

FIG Image Gateway’s Soft Skills credential is a cut above the rest. In fact, we pioneered IITTI certification in the Philippines. Our trainers are not merely experts, but also seasoned professionals in Life Coaching, Image Enhancement, Psychology, Powerful Communication, Fashion and Academia. Our heart’s desire to bridge the gap between Self-Doubt and Self-Actualization is deeply embedded in our training modules. It is guaranteed to help you in achieving your Personal Excellence and Professional Advancement.

Set your children up for success by empowering their soft skills through Personality Development Programs taught by experts in their field. Enroll them at FIG Image Gateway today!

Ruby Pacis

Miss Ruby is our CEO and one of our Senior Trainers. She is a Certified Life Coach specializing in Emotional Intelligence and Personal/ Professional Branding. In 2019, she was recognized as one of The Most Influential Filipina Women in the World by the Filipina Women Network. To learn more about Miss Ruby, please refer to her profile.

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